We provide rapid assessment, intervention and treatment for numerous common and complex conditions. Patients receive customised, individual care. This has made Dosonec Hospital the hospital of choice for GPs, Consultants and patients.

Patients come to Dosonec Hospital expecting the best that medicine has to offer. Patients and their families call DosonecHospital a place of caring, confidence and hope. It gives me great pleasure and immense sense of satisfaction to offer you such services.

Preventive Health Check

    "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE." This means that it's always better to undergo a complete checkup of your body, which can tell you about your health and catch diseases early.

Advanced Technology

  • Our technology enhances patient care in :
    • Greater precision and safety
    • A more comfortable patient experi- ence
    • Improved coordination and a smoo- ther workflow

Qualified Doctors

  • Meet our team of highly trained and dedicated medical professionals who are adept in handling every situation with relative ease, composure and care.

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